Soham Moor
Soham Moor
Old Grammar School Fund
Soham Village College

Welcome to the Soham Moor Old Grammar School Fund website

The Charity owns agricultural land and a lake to the North of the Fenland Village of Soham, near Ely, in Cambridgeshire. The land and lake are let to tenants whom manage them and pay rent to the Charity.

The Charity utilises monies raised from rents to assist young people in Soham in their education

The trustees are comprised of representatives of Cambridgeshire County Council, Soham Town Council, The Village College and others are co – opted. The trustees meet three times per year in Soham.

Charity owned lake

Where possible, the Charity makes donations to each of the four Soham Schools annually

The monies are to be utilised for the benefit of disadvantaged children in their education.

Furthermore college and university students may apply to the charity by the 1st September in any year for a grant towards the cost of books or other materials. Where a grant is awarded costs are reimbursed.

Charity owned agricultural land

A form to apply for a student grant may be downloaded here

For further information please contact the Clerk

Mrs Jennifer Millard
Registered charity number: 1197710